Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thompson Article

I'll be as honest as possible. This article was confusing and difficult to read, but basically what I got out of it is that there aren't a lot of challenges being posed to children in the literature that is directed at them. There is overall a use of vocabulary that is easy, along with words that are very short. Now don't get me wrong, I don't think that books need to be extremely complicated or complex to read, but I do think that they sometimes need to be a little more realistic when it comes to actually giving an accurate depiction of what a child is going to be expected to deal with later in their educational careers. How often will children actually read something that is so easy to get through? The answer is not often, because upon reaching high school and college, children will realize that they are going to have to read things that are time consuming and difficult to get through, showing them that later in life reading becomes a more of a chore than anything else. If reading were all fun and games, then I'm sure that everyone would love it. I don't think that kids are exposed to enough things that give them a taste of whats to come and I think that if there was children's literature that started introducing them earlier to more challenging reads and topics, then there definitely wouldn't be students who have a hard time adapting once the reach college.

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